Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bluebery Coconut Icecream

I made this blackberry coconut ice cream (or should it be called a sherbet?) a year ago, and decided to make it with blueberries now. The blueberries I got were really mild, so I added extra. I couldn't decide between adding lemon juice, or lime, but finally settled on lemon--though lime would probably have been good too since they go well with coconut. Again, because the berries were mild, I added extra lemon juice to add tartness. After blending I had some blueberries left over, so I added some whole ones to add texture. And, finally, I added just a little cayenne--just enough to add a little, but not enough to be real noticeable.


  1. Though I can't speak for the mixed flavor of blueberry and cayenne, the color is quite royal.

  2. Thanks!

    (And it wasn't much cayenne, just enough to just barely add a dimension.)

  3. Did your tongue turn blue? I think I would have used lime, but it looks really tasty.

  4. Josie,

    I don't remember that it did. It's only blueberries making it purple.

    Yeah, I think lime may have been better. With the coconut. Or perhaps a lemon with more brightness than the one I used.

    Also, why do you spell your name "Josi" here. It really confused me.

  5. That's the spelling I usually use online. It's the German version of my name. It's unusual without being unrecognizable. And, as you probably guessed, it's actually pronounced "yo-see".