Thursday, June 17, 2010

More Turnovers

I know puff pastry is supposed to be hard, but it isn't. It takes maybe five more minutes to make a beautiful puff pastry than an ordinary pie crust. Take flour, add a little salt, and water till it holds together, but no more. And don't knead it at all. Measure out half as much butter as dough by weight. Knead the butter under cold water till it's soft (I believe the point of the water is to keep it cold). Roll out the dough, place the butter in the middle of the dough, wrap the butter up like a Christmas present. Roll the dough out, fold it up lengthwise into quarters, roll it out. Refrigerate for at least an hour, roll it out twice more, refrigerate, roll it out twice more, refrigerate. It is ready to roll out and use.

Last time I made turnovers Jenny Sumpter said she thought chocolate would be really good. So I put Nutella in half of these.

The other half I made rhubarb and ruffled fromage blanc. I'm not sure about the cheese selection--by roommate said fennel may help it all come together better--but other than that it was very good. I prepared the rhubarb by slicing it thin, and then letting it macerate in grapefruit juice, sugar, maple, and rosemary--like a here (though I didn't like the texture of the rhubarb before it was cooked and wouldn't recommend using it raw).

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